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Begin Your Transformation Today!!!!

It's been a great morning. I woke up feeling happy and well. Last weekend was soooo much fun!!! Matthew and I had such a blast together. We went shopping all day Saturday. We were having such a great time together that we decided to extend our date. We spontaneously booked a hotel and stayed the night in Salt Lake. Our kids were excited for us to get away, they could see how much happy we were. And boy did we have a ball! I'll never forget last weekend that's for sure. I'm grateful I married my best friend. He's such an amazing husband, I love him more than words are able to express.

So the other day my dear, dear friend called and asked for some fitness advice. I was grateful for the opportunity to assist her in achieving her fitness goals. I thought it would be beneficial to share how to begin reaching your body transformation dreams. Who doesn't want a lean, sexy body! After all, we were all meant to have lean healthy bodies, not frumpy, overweight bodies. If you truly love your body as it is right now and speak kindly to yourself your transformation will happen much more quickly and easily.

Here is what I wrote in an email to my friend...

Okay, for your fitness routine here is a rundown of what I want you to do. Keep in mind each time I give you a list of workouts it will be different to achieve maximum results. I’m all about looking fit and sexy. After all, life is meant to be full of abundance in every area of our lives – including our physical body.

First of all I would like you write down 5 positive affirmations & 5 fitness goals focusing on your physique. Write them and see yourself as though you have already accomplished them. Be sure to love and thank you body each day for being the best it can be. Write your goals on paper (do not type them) so that your subconscious can go right to work on accomplishing your goals. It’s awesome how powerful our minds are, we are truly creators, so why not create the body of our dreams!

After you write your goals and affirmations (be sure to read them aloud daily) get the Body for Life book and put a star by the exercises you enjoy doing. Then use the book examples when working out until the exercise forms are memorized. Good form is crucial. Always workout in front of a mirror to insure you are doing the movements correctly. Alternating days as we discussed do upper and lower body weight training 3 times a week. Be sure to weight train prior to cardio to use up your glycogen stores. Then do interval cardio to burn fat. And always take Go just before working out. Remember we want to train smart to achieve a long, lean physique sooner.

After selecting the exercises do 4 sets of 16 reps the first week then do 20 reps the second week, alternating each week. Start out with a 5 to 10 minute warm up. After you’re warmed up stretch the muscles groups to be worked. You can tear your muscles and cause injury if you do not warm up and stretch prior to your workouts. I always start out with lower weights (dumbbells) for the first two sets and heavier for the second two sets. Be sure to do chest, triceps, biceps, & back in order then repeat the same set sequence until you have finished your 4 sets. Go from one exercise to the next with little mini breaks in between if needed. And then finish your workout with stretching again. If you have time or choose to do cardio the same day as weights do so after weight training. Finish with 20 minute interval training following 10 minutes cool down. After strength training/cardio don’t forget to drink a recovery drink directly after your finished. The recovery drink is just as essential as eating clean. If you only do cardio wait 1 hour before drinking a recovery drink. During that hour your body will burn your glycogen stores. And before you know it you’ll begin to see beautiful, lean muscles in the mirror. It’s awesome!

Follow these guidelines and change your exercise routine weekly to shock your muscles. Your body is amazing gift. It has muscle memory, if you do the same exercises day after day your body will not burn fat as quikly and your physique remain the same. So mix it up, exercise daily and believe in your dreams! Dreams really do come true, if you believe!
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