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Would you like to lose 5 to 10 lbs before the Holidays?  Eating clean is 90% of feeling great & the key to losing weight even more so then exercising alone. Don’t get me wrong exercising is essential as well but eating clean will make or break your fitness goals & dreams.   You can do crunches, lift hard, ride the bike until your want to puke but if you turn around and eat junk food or high in fat, refined, processed foods you won't see the results you desperately desire.


To transform your body from flabby to fit & tone you don’t have to workout hard 7 days a week you just need to workout at least 30 to 60 minutes 5 to 6 days a week. Building a lean physique is attainable.  To live the LivFit Lifestyle is simply making exercise part of your daily routine, eating healthy, whole foods and keeping a powerful positive attitude. You can lose 5 to 10 lbs before the Holidays! 

Eating whole foods will not only aid in weight loss but you will also have a happier attitude about life, you'll be more patient, you'll have more self esteem & you'll feel empowered!  You'll also find that people will respect and look up to your more because your energy will shift.  When you take time for you and give thanks for all your blessings the world will seem brighter and you'll have more joy in your life.


Eating clean is to eat whole foods ~ that means NO white foods, high sodium, high fat, processed foods!  Eat the goodness of life lots of fresh fruits, veggies & nuts.  Eating a small meal every 3 to 4 hours consisting of lean protein, a complex carb, veggies & some good fat will jump start a lazy metabolism.

Drink a lot of water, at least a gallon a day, to assist your weight loss goals. Often times we mistake hunger for thirst.  If you get hungry between meals drink 10 oz of water and walk away form the kitchen.  If you're still hungry after 10 minutes grab a handful of raw almonds or eat an apple to hold you over until your next planned meal.  Drink Liv Sxinney throughout the day as well to detox your cells which will assist your weight loss efforts as well as give you more energy to get through your busy day.


If you’re finding it difficult to eat clean keep a diet journal. It doesn’t have to be fancy just a small notebook that you can keep with you easily. Write down everything you eat and drink, when and how you felt when you ate. Emotional eating can cause us all to gain unwanted weight and stress doesn’t help either. Practice stress management skills to release unwanted feelings by meditating, exercising, keeping a positive mental attitude and gratitude in your heart. Doing this each day you’ll find that you have more peace & happiness in your life and more to be grateful for.

Make eating healthy a high priority ~ and remember if God didn’t make it don’t eat it!

Until next time Liv Fit, Train Hard & Liv Happy!
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