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Do YOU Really Want to be Fit?

I'm constantly asked how to get in shape... It's always a mental decision to begin any lifestyle change.  I decided to be fit because I wanted to be a strong mother for my children and a healthy wife for my husband.  I wanted to be free of frustrations and guilt of not fitting my clothes well.  I wanted to have more energy & feel empowered every single day.  And most of all, I wanted to believe in me!  So I made the choice to get in shape.  I decided that eating healthy food tastes a whole lot better than eating high fat foods that only made me feel worse in the morning.  After all, nothings more frustrating than working out hard in the gym only to sabatage my efforts by eating poorly - I've done it a million times and trust me it's not worth it!

It's Up to YOU

Decide today to take control of your health & fitness.  Believe in YOU!  Believe that you can achieve your goals!  Believe that you can have anything that you set your mind to!  And most of all YOU deserve to be fit, healthy & happy.  It really is a conscious choice.  Your mind is your greatest resource & power, your thoughts are literally life changing.  Embrace all that you are by creating positive self talk, exercising daily & eating clean - that means stay away from high sugar, sodium, high fat foods that will only raise the scale in the end... It's just not worth it... YOU have what it takes, we all do.  So get your goals written down, make a plan & then stick to it until you achieve success! 

Thanks for reading ~ Liv Fit. Train Hard. Liv Happy.

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Consultant

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