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I'm often asked, "How can I get motivated to exercise???" Well here's what I tell people... It all comes down to loving and caring for who you are now; loving you enough to take charge of your health and wellness. As with everything in life you have to prioritize your time and goals. If you really want to take better care of your body then you have to set at least 20 to 30 minutes aside each day to get your heart rate up. Your body craves exercise equally as it craving proper foods and nutrition. Eating clean is 90% of the equation in achieving optimal health and fitness. Eat small meals frequently consisting of a lean protein (at least 25g), a complex carb and veggies every 3 hours and drinking at least 80 oz of filtered water a day will kick start a lazy metabolism. Have your last meal by 7 pm; consider the kitchen closed for the evening after your last meal. And if you feel like you absolutely have to have something to eat before bed have some casein protein which comes from milk products for example, fat-free cottage cheese and an apple would be an excellent choice.

By making these simple lifestyle changes you'll have more energy, feel happier, look healthier as well as you'll have more self confidence. Make yourself a priority to nurture your body, mind and spirit each day and before you know it you'll be living the LivFit Lifestyle! And try to stay away from refined foods, white flour and sugar they’ll only spike your insulin levels which will end up as fat stores if not used as fuel and they'll leave you feeling sluggish and tired after the sugar high wears off. Also, set five attainable short term goals for the week, focus and feel as though you’ve already achieved them, and before you know it you will have altered your mindset to a positive, powerful way of thinking which will lead you down the road to success!
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