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April 28, 2008

Good Morning!

Its a beautiful morning here in Utah, it's supposed to be 75 degrees today - Yea!!! I love sunshine & hot weather... I can hardly wait for summer! I always feel happy and renewed when the sun is shinning! I'm sipping on my SXinney Water & CRave right now. It's a great way to wake up - it clears my mind and gives me the needed energy which I really need. So now I'm ready to get my day going... I have a full day; lots of meetings both with my Liv Sxinney business and my construction company - It's all Good!

I'll be posting my days events especially with my diet & fitness... I've had chronic fatique for years. I was so sick at a time in my life many years ago that I could hardly make it out of bed. I was always sick - I still struggle a bit with it, but feel very healthy and strong for the most part. That's why I'm into fitness because I was tired of always feeling weak and frail.

Anyway, I'm actually feeling a bit fatigued this morning, I have a head cold which always zaps my energy. I rested for most of the weekend thankfully. After I get my children off to school I'm going to workout in my home gym in our basement. I'm only going to do weights this morning however, I don't have enough energy to do cardio & weights. I'll start with 25 minutes warm up on the bike & then I'll do my upper body workout & I'll end with stretching.

I'm also going to eat clean today! I ate some baked Doritos with cottage cheese and salsa over the weekend... It tasted soooo yummy... but my body did not like it after the fact. I had water retention and felt yucky. That was a good reminder of why I have to eat wholesome foods. I feel tons better when I do. So today I'm back on track!!! I'll touch base this evening too to let you know that I did indeed keep my word. :)

Well I'm off, today's going to be a great day!
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