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Make the decision today to take control of your life. Reclaim your inner power to succeed! You can accomplish your fitness goals & dreams by learning to be the master of your mind ~ don't let your mind be the master of you! Set 3 fitness goals, a plan of action and then follow through. Remember that a clean diet is essential to transform your physique. Plan ahead and leave the all the excuses behind. ~Carol Whitaker

I was raised to always look my best, no matter the occasion. If I didn't have lip gloss on my mother would hand me a tube of lipstick out of her purse when we were shopping together. I wasn't allowed to dress frumpy; I even had to wear a dress to school once a week during grade school... Looking back I'm deeply grateful for my mother’s love and devotion to caring enough about me to help me understand how important it was to care for myself properly.  To this day she always looks beautiful ~ she is still a shining example to me and everyone around her.

Taking time to look your best is well worth the extra 30 minutes it takes each morning to pamper yourself. When you care enough about you to do your hair & makeup each morning you will naturally want to dress nicer too, which will increase your self-confidence and more love from within.

Your outward appearance is a reflection of your self-image. What do you look like now? Are you the ideal weight you wish to be?  When you look in the mirror do you have positive inner-dialog?  If not, then it's time to learn to love & care for you as you were design to be. 


 You are worth it! When you take time to be alone as you get ready for the day think positive thoughts about how you wish to be, see yourself as though you were that way now.  By doing so you will increase feel good hormones in the brain which will bring about a positive mental attitude, which will turn your feelings into beliefs. When you see yourself in the mirror give thanks for all of your beautiful attributes and say out loud, "I love you!"

If you practice having gratitude for your body daily it will manifest your thoughts and feeling creating the body of your dreams, you will be able to transform your physique with less effort through diet & exercise. You will be happier, healthier and forgiving. Your family & friends will also enjoy being around you. You will radiate your beautiful spirit and will have a glow about you… You will have higher energy frequencies by being optimistic and grateful, which will attract more things to be thankful for.

Often times I see people staring at me in a grocery store or while out shopping. At first it used to bother me but then I realized why they do, and now I just smile and move on. It's because I love myself unconditionally. People are naturally drawn to those who have a high self-esteem. When you feel good about yourself you exude success, empowerment and joy.  When you are in this state of mind you will have a brilliant energy field around you which is like a powerful magnet attracting all good things to you.

To love you fully is highly empowering! It is a contagious energy, not in a worldly way, but in a spiritual way. When my heart is filled with love, joy & happiness I radiate that into the universe by the energy frequencies I'm illuminating which in turn attracts more joyful experience and abundance into my life.  

Everyone has pure light within it’s just a matter of releasing limiting thought & beliefs that hold you back. To do this is by forgiving and letting go of negative emotions, no matter the cause.  When you do this you will free your soul to be who you really are, absolute perfection. 


People are drawn to positive people. Being happy and looking your best is not only attractive but also inspires others to do the same. When you walk with your head & chest held high with a smile on your face you will naturally have a higher self-esteem. Your body languages also express how you feel about you. When you walk with confidence you will be admired from afar and by those you hold close to your heart.

Love all that you are with all of your heart… By loving you unconditionally you will naturally look younger... I have been approached by strangers when I'm out and about asking how I stay looking young.  The fountain of youth is within you! Embrace all that you are and strive to care for your body daily, by eating healthy and exercising in addition to dressing nicely and doing your hair & make up each morning, no matter how tired or busy you are… Make time for you! Make you a high priority. By doing so you will also become a better family member and friend.

Also give thanks throughout the day to Heavenly Father for all of the bountiful blessings in your life. Remember, you are a child of God. To fully understand this is almost unimaginable. It is a profound and highly spiritual experience to connect and be one with the heavenly powers above. You have divinity within you; therefore, you are perfection!  

Live your best life by being happy. Smile and laugh more, realize that life really is sooo Good! Decided to see the best in all situation and in those you associate with.  Happiness is a state of mind... Choose to be happy!  

My top ten tips for looking your best and feeling great are simple. Pamper yourself for a week, you’ll be surprise just how much it will change your life…  


1.      WAKE UP WITH AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE ~ Upon waking up each morning say aloud or in your mind 5 things that you’re grateful for. Start your day off right by having an attitude of gratitude. Be happy!

2.      START YOUR DAY OFF RIGHT ~ Begin each morning with exercise. Your body craves exercise just as much as food and sleep. So get moving! Get in an exercise routine whenever it fits your schedule best, just be sure to exercise at least 30 minutes 6 days a week. Try to get your heart-rate up in the morning and again in the evening if you can. Make exercise a top priority daily!

3.      SHOWER EACH MORNING ~ Get showered and put on make-up or shave (for you men out there) every day! By taking pride in yourself will express to those around you that you love who you are. Dress nicely, not in sweats or an over sized T-shirt. Doing so you'll start the day off right! 

4.      SHOW APPRECIATION ~ Speak only kind words, and tell those around you how much your appreciate them. The more you are grateful for the more you will have to be grateful! It's a beautiful thing!!!

5.      MEDITATE ~Take at least 10 minutes each day to ponder and reflect on spirit. Be prayerful daily and know that there are no accidents; everything in life is for our learning and growth. After all, you wouldn't be who you are today without the experiences you've had in your life.

6.      EAT CLEAN ~ Eat wholesome foods! The saying "you are what you eat" is very, very true. Most people feed their cars and animals better than themselves! Don't you want to live a long healthy life for your family? Then buck up and eat right! Let go of the useless excuses - eat every 3 hours consisting of a lean protein, complex carb & veggies. It's simple & highly rewarding! 

7.      DRINK UP ~ Aim for a gallon of purified water each day. You're mostly made of water, your body need to be replenished well to rebuild strong healthy cells. Drinking high pH water and Liv SXinney Water will keep you in a high pH level and will detox you all day long as well. By staying hydrated you'll have more energy, your metabolism will increase, your health will sky rocket and your skin and hair will also improve.

8.      GET YOUR BEAUTY REST ~ Get plenty of zzzz's. Getting to bed early will not only help you feel happier but you will also look younger and will have build beautiful muscles after a good hard workout from earlier in the day. Sleep is essential to good health. Try to get to bed before 10:30 pm every night! Your body will reward you for it!

9.      BE HAPPY! Smile & have fun! Take time for some true R&R every day. Life can become way too stressful if you let it. Take time to play with your kids, read a good book, do your favorite hobby, walk your dog, cook your favorite meal, talk to a friend, or have a date with your sweetheart... do something each day that brings you joy & happiness.

10.   BELIEVE IN YOU! How many times do you find yourself saying something negative about yourself? How does that make you feel? It's not healthy in any way, shape or form - so stop self-sabotage and self-doubt! Start by saying "I love you" each time you see yourself in a mirror or a reflection in a window. Be kind and loving to your body. Believe in you! You can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Believe you can, follow through and you will achieve your goals! Remember ~ you are the most important person on earth!

So there you have it! Live these principals and I guarantee you'll look & feel your best! You will be on your way to living a happier more fulfilling life!

Thanks for reading. Until next time... Liv Fit! Train Hard! Liv Happy!

 ~Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Consultant & Coach
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