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In the discussion on this post in a healthy house, still continuing the previous discussion on the types of herbs that is closely related to the subject that is the definition of herbal medicine.
For this time we will try to peel the type of herb that is HONEY ..
Immediately, according to language is defined honey as a natural fluids that generally have a sweet taste of honey produced by bees from the nectar of flower plants (floral nectar) or other parts of plants (extra floral nectar) or insect excretion.

Or it could also be interpreted is sweet substances produced by honey bees from the nectar of flowers or other parts of plants, collected, revamped and with a special substance and stored in the honey bee nest
So understanding the outline of honey is the liquid produced from starch interest taken by bees and used as food reserves stored in the hive.
In the world of herbal remedies honey is very popular in the efficacy and usefulness, because it has compounds that are good for health.
Here are some of the properties of honey and how to use it:
1. Cope with hair loss: by using heat olive oil + 1 tbsp honey + 1 tsp cinnamon powder, applied to the head, let stand about 15 minutes then wash. 5 menutes even silenced, is quite effective.
2. Bladder Infections: mix 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon + 1 teaspoon honey in a glass of lukewarm water, then drink. Point in killing the germs in the bladder
3. Toothache: mix 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon + 5 tsp honey
4. Cholesterol: 2 tbsp honey + 3 tsp cinnamon powder + 16 ounce (16 times the 28 grams rental-lease about 1 pound = 454 grams) of tea water. This herb can lower blood cholesterol by 10 percent in 2 hours. Pure honey taken daily which alleviate cholesterol disorders.
5. Colds: use 1 tablespoon lukewarm honey + 1 / 4 tsp cinnamon powder every day for 3 days. This herb can treat chronic cough and colds, also clean the sinuses.
6. Sterile: 2 tablespoons honey is consumed on a regular basis before sleep affects fertilized. Eating ground cinnamon is useful also to strengthen the uterus. For a difficult pregnancy, may be able to apply attempted honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder on his gums, so that later we will mix with saliva and enters the body.
7. Abdominal pain: Mixture of honey and cinnamon in addition to treat colic, also clean and treat stomach ulcers to the roots.
8. Bloating: a mixture of honey and cinnamon can reduce the gas in the stomach, are said to have been proved by research in India and Japan.
9. Breath odor: 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon plus honey mixed with hot water, can make a fresh breath all day.
10. Sinus headaches: can be cured by drinking a mixture of honey and orange juice.
11. Fatigue: A glass of water + 1 / 2 tbsp honey sprinkled with cinnamon powder can increase the vitality of the body. Taken daily after brushing your teeth and around 3 o'clock when the vitality of the body decreases.
12. Cancer: Drink 1 tbsp honey + 1 teaspoon of honey every day for 3 months. Stomach cancer and bone advanced stage can be cured with this herb, and has been proven through research in Japan and Australia.
13. Being overweight: how to drink regularly a glass of water that is boiled together with honey and cinnamon powder every morning half hour before meals or on an empty stomach. Very useful even for people who are very obese. This herb is to avoid accumulating fat in the body.
14. Influenza: Honey has been proven by scientists Spanish influenza can kill germs and cure the patient from flu. So drink honey, when it is going cold.
15. Acne: before sleeping, apply 3 tbsp honey + 1 tsp cinnamon powder on the face. If routinely performed for 2 weeks.
16. Skin infections: take one part honey and one part powder, apply on the skin of the sick
17. Prevent aging: Boil 3 cups water + 4 tbsp honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder, drink as much as 4 times a day, can make the skin smooth fresh, and prevent aging.
18. Arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis / rheumatism): mix 1 part honey and 5 parts water, plus 1 tsp cinnamon powder, masage to the affected part gently. Or for people with arthritis, can drink a cup of hot water mixture + 1 teaspoon honey + 1 tsp cinnamon powder every day, morning and night.
19. Heart disease: Honey and cinnamon can reduce cholesterol in the arteries and reduce the risk of heart attack, also facilitate breathing and is strengthen the heartbeat. Could do by applying a mixture of honey and cinnamon to the bread at breakfast every day.
So a little explanation about the types of herbs, especially honey, may bring benefits and good health always be with us.see you later and thank you.
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