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Christmas is the most wonderful time of year without question. I love everything about Christmas! The love & focus on Christ, the joy of the season, the gathering of family & friends along with all the delicious, traditional foods that warm our hearts each year.

This time of year can be tricky however when it comes to eating healthy & staying on track with a clean eating meal plan. It's crazy how easy it is to forget your healthy diet when comforting foods are placed before us... It's like all will-power went away on Christmas vacation... LOL...

I personally embrace the season full-heartedly, including indulging in the delicious, high caloire meals & desserts from family & friends. I relax and let my clean eating guard down a bit... And with good reason, it's good for my body, mind & spirit in every way to take a break and pamper myself with tasty treats a little here & there.  However, I do so with caution and use my diet secrets to make it through the holidays without gaining weight. Here are my simple secrets to ensure I enjoy the holidays guilt free!


• Take a packet of cRave & a drink a glass of Liv Sxinney before going to parties. cRave has a pre-biotic that will ensure my body will process the foods optimally, it also fills my stomach with fiber so I won't be very hungry when I go to a party. Liv Sxinney also aids in digestion and increases willpower and satiety (feeling of feeling full) when combined with cRave, which makes it easier to turn down the high calorie desserts.

• Exercise each morning after taking Go for at least 30 to 60 minutes is a must! You have to workout to raise your metabolism and to increase lean muscle tissue; not only will you feel better about yourself & have more energy but you'll raise your Basal Metabolic Rate (the calories burned at rest) - so don't forget to exercise even if you're too tired - No excuses - Exercise! (And don't forget your post-workout protein shake.)

• Eat on a smaller plate & use a small salad fork. Filling a smaller plate will keep extra calories at bay without feeling deprived. And eating with a small for will enable you to take smaller bites making your meal last longer. Taking small bites also allows you to relish each morsel, enjoy each bite and embrace the pleasure of delicious foods.

• Eat protein with every meal - including treats. Protein aids in keeping blood sugar levels balanced, it also is more filling and will sustain your lean muscle tissue by nourishing your muscles with needed amino acids to stay lean & strong.  Select treats with the least amount of fats, you can indulge in moderation; don't go hog-wild, if you do your body will quickly remind you why it doens't like high-fat, high-calorie foods... You'll soon feel tired and bloated if you're not careful...

• Fill your plate with lean protein, fresh salads & veggies. And visit with family & friends away from the tempting treats. When going out to eat opt for lean protein, salad & extra steamed veggies instead of rice or a potato. Stay away from the kitchen or meal area when socializing, studies have shown that when we visit around food we eat mindlessly and consume up to hundreds of extra unwanted calories.  

• Drink extra purified water before a party or social gathering. Water is my favorite beverage of choice (filled with Liv Sxinney). It not only aids in raising your metabolic rate but it is also filling. It will squash hunger if you drink more than usual and it aids in removing toxins as well.

• Take enzymes before your meals. Taking digestive enzymes will aid your body in digesting properly therefore you will have less weight gain and more energy to workout each day.

• Embrace the joy of the season. Keeping a positive mental attitude will literally assist in keeping fat away... When you're stressed the body creates a hormone called Cortisol which increases belly fat & unwanted weight gain.  That's another great reason to exercise daily - it will lower your stress level too.

• Eat every three hours to keep your blood sugars levels and hunger pangs away. When you eat every three hours you won't have an insulin drop which induces binging...  If you go hours without eating you'll be more likely to come home after a hectic day and eat the entire pantry & then some ! You're more likely to eat way more than usual which willl ultimately end up as energy stores - a.k.a. unwanted fat! So eat a small meal with protein every few hours to stay in control of your eating habits.

• Have your last meal of the day by 7 pm, eat only protein & veggies. Eating carbs at night will equal fat gain while you sleep - yuck!  Have your carbs earlier in the day when you're most active to ensure you use the needed energy as fuel to get you through your busy day.

By following these simple diet secrets to holiday eating you can sail through the holidays without gaining weight.  So embrace your Christmas gatherings with your loved ones with a smile on your face...  Make this year your best Christmas ever!

xox ~Carol Whitaker
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