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Liv SXinney Changes Lives

Liv SXinney Works Miracles
I am richly blessed with amazing friends. Since I became a member of the Liv International family my life has changed dramatically. Not only have I made incredible lifelong friends but I feel healthier and stronger too. I was finally able to reach my fitness and body fat goals! In fact, I passed up my goals and was able to attain & maintain a lower percentage of body fat than I thought possible. Needless to say, I'm one happy camper!
Thousands of people of all ages have improved their quality of life by listening to their body's needs and have incorporated the LivFit Lifestyle. Liv SXinney is not a diet, it's a way of life... Here is a beautiful, heart warming testimonial I received from one of my 12-Week LivFit client's. I am extremely proud of Delores, she's a remarkable woman and friend.
Dolores Christie' , My Journey with Liv Skinney. 4/1/09

I was introduced to Liv Skinney water in May 2007. Not long before, I was told I had high blood pressure and I would probably died during the night. Now I had to be on medication and would probably be on it the rest of my life. I was very overweight at 164 lbs and needed to drop my weight by 30 lbs. I was 46 1/2 inches around my stomach, 44 1/2 inch bust and 43 inch waist. I had lost 3 1/2 inches in height over the last few years. ( From 5 1/2 inches to 4 feet 11 inches) . The extra weight made be look even bigger. My health was starting to be the most important issue in my life. I loved Chocolate, Muffins and Cinnamon Buns. At work I would often get a bagel, when I was hungry. Night time was a big problem, because the wrong type of food was always handy. I over eat when over tired, under tension or stress. For years I had major stress in my life. My body was now the product of this type of lifestyle. Staying in bed was not an option for me.

I had to find something that would agree with my Kidney. I have been bleeding from the kidney for 35 years and now the bleeding was increasing and I had severe pain. I had to look for foods with no food additives, no salt and very little protein. I bought as many fresh foods as I could. Balancing my protein was very important to me. I need protein, but could not eat it alone. I have to limit the amount of protein I ate at each meal or I am in severe pain. I was searching for something to help me live A NORMAL LIFE again. I set my goal to get my weight under control and lower my blood pressure. My heart was Okay.

Liv Sxinney was just being introduced in Canada and I decided to join my friends, as all these products were health foods. It was great sharing our experiences with the products. We all agreed we could not overeat while taking the Liv Sxinney product.

The first two weeks I went through detoxifing and had to cut the liv sxinney concentrate in half and slowly bring the concentarte up to the recommended mix. I did this slowly over a two and one half week period. I wanted my kidney to accept this product. It was a joy to not be in pain. You never want to experience severe Kidney pain. Taking any medication does increase the bleeding in my kidney. I have to go with all fresh foods.

In June, my Mother past away and this upset my routine. During the next five months, my body was going through a change. I had more energy, and no pain in my kidney area. I did not have the leg aches at night, my sinuses cleared up and my chest problem cleared up. I lost inches first. and fat off my back. ( Stomach 42 1/2 inches, bust 41 1/2 inches and waist 42 inches) Total of 20 lbs, ( in five month period) but I still have a big problem with high blood pressure. I was amazed and pleased at how my body was adjusting to Liv Sxinney.

Beginning in Sept to Dec, I attended five funerals. Twice during this time, I was not drinking my Liv Sxinney, for a 10 day period at a time. On both occasions, I was right back at the beginning of my journey. -- especially with leg aches and pain in my kidney. As soon as I started back on my regular routine, I was balanced again and no pain again. Liv Sxinney if definitely for me. I learned the hard way.

In the fall, the other products were added and I order them. Next I added the Blox and this was an interesting exprience for me, so I stopped using it. I should of started slowly with this product as well. I never took this product again until I understood how to take it. The last week in March, I took the product again correctly and with no problem.

I October, I added the 'Crave,' to my Sxinney water and this was a mistake. It was also a big blob in my bottle and I could not get it out easily. I did not lose any weight. I also had to take only a small amount of crave at a time until my body adjusted to the extra fiber.
I added the, 'Go,' to my sxinney water and this also was a mistake. By Feb I had gained back three lbs. ( My holidays and Christmas. )

I attended the training in January, I learned how to take the products correctly. I also listened to the book , The Slight Edge, on tape, while travelling to Utah with my friends. I never believed in weight lifting and did not understand how it could be added to my lifestyle. I have also had a right hip replacement and crippling arthritis. Excercizing took all my energy away and it often took me two week to recover. I often spend many days in bed until I was free of pain.

The Slight Edge taught me to beginning slowly by just doing whatever I needed to do anyway. Just start with two each and do it regularly. I joined the Liv Fit Club. As I am still working. I am a Tailor in a Men's Shop. This occupation is very hard on your body. I had to begin my Liv Fit program at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. The first two weeks, I did 10 minutes excerizing each morning and now I can go 10 minutes, twice a day before Breakfast. I do not count the walking. In three weeks I have lost three pounds, one each week. I am waiting for the spring weather so I can do more walking. I have to be careful, because of the hip replacement. It has been very cold here and I cannot stand the cold. I will build my muscle so I can do more walking and use my excerize bike.

Having a Trainer has made a difference in my understand how to use the products, what to eat and how to eat it, as well as how to begin adding exercises to my everyday life. This week I added the Top 10 excercises from The Arthritis Society. ( Bascially it is to keep my joints moving) I enjoy listening to the problems others are sharing. Sometimes I say to myself, that has happened to me as well.

10 days ago, I visited a Arthritis Doctor, and another Drug was added to my lifestyle, which severely upset my body. My kidney did not accept the pills at all. I stopped taking everything for a day and spent a day in bed. I began the week again with Liv Sxinney and I am doing just fine on it. Prescribed drugs certainly do not agree with me.

I now believe that just because I am a Seniors, life does not stop and I can overcome anything life throws in my way. I intend to walk straight, keep active and pain free. Liv Sxinney is definitely for me.

Dolores F Christie, Canada
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