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Be True to Yourself!

Today be completely honest with yourself. Honor your word and respect yourself. If you made the choice not to have any sugary snacks or sodas, then don't! By keeping your promise to yourself you'll become more confident and empowered. How can you love and respect others if you do not fully and unconditionally do the same to yourself?

Treat your body with kindness. Speak lovingly to yourself - literally. If you don't feel great about your body weight say out loud throughout the day, "I love my body." "I am at my perfect body weight." "I feel lighter and healthier each new day." Then fuel your body with wholesome clean foods. By balancing the body you will naturally have more willpower and you'll be able to be fully honor yourself. Soon you won't crave the foods that are toxic to your body. And you'll have loads more energy! It's a great feeling!

Liv Sxinney literally balances the body and keeps it in an alkaline balance. If you have some, drink it throughout the day. By following these simple suggestions you will become free of addictions, you'll feel more alive and vibrant too! So drink Liv Sxinney, speak kind words, and love yourself! You'll be glad you did!!!
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