How to Cope With a Red and Itchy Eyes Naturally

Red and itchy eyes are truly disturbing. more especially if it is disruptive of daily activities. Red and itchy eyes can be caused by dust, allergic cold, wind or sunlight, and cosmetics. There are some simple solutions to heal the eyes red and itchy. But keep in mind is that you should always keep your eye to keep it clean and if necessary use the eye drops.
1. Stop rubbing the eyes. Rubbing the eye it causes inflammation after brushing. Rubbing the eye could push the allergens or bacteria to go deeper so it actually increases the sense of itchy eyes.

2. Wash the eyes with rose water. This is one practical way of treatment that you can do yourself at home. Wash your eyes two to three times daily using rose water to give a sense of cool and soothing effect on the eyes.
3. To treat itchy eyes, try to place cold cucumber slices over the eyes. Cold cucumber slices gave a sense of cool and make the eyes more relaxed. Cucumber contains anti-irritants that are reducing inflammation, swelling, and irritation of the eyes.
4. Cut two slices of raw potato and place it on top of the eye. For best results, use cold potato slices that will relax your eyes and relieve itching and red eyes.
5. Wash your eyes with clean water and fresh, after entering from outdoors. Dust and particle pollution is a major cause of red eyes and itchy.
6. Milk is one of the natural remedies to cure a red and itchy eyes. Take a little milk and then place it on a cotton swab over the eyes to get soothing effect.
7. The eyes will be sensitive when we are constantly in front of the computer. The result was irritation. When you have watery eyes or itchy, avoid using a computer or laptop. If you must use it, do not forget to rest by making the eyes more relaxed.
8. Limit the use of contact lenses. Contact lens makes the retina becomes dry. Use as a replacement glasses to protect eyes from irritation caused by the computer.

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